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Did you know that every 7 seconds someone in Britain is being bullied?

In The Media

Cruel At School in The Forest and Wye Valley Review, 02/05/08.

Cruel school was featured in The Forest and Wye Valley Review on May 2nd 2008, you can view a newspaper scan of the article above, (click images to enlarge)

Cruel At School in The Forester, 01/05/08.

Cruel school was featured in The Forester on May 1st 2008, you can view a newspaper scan of the article above, (click images to enlarge)

Cruel At School in The Citizen, 28/04/08.

Cruel school was featured in The Citizen on April 28tt 2008, you can view a newspaper scan of the article above, (click images to enlarge)

Cruel At School in The Western Daily Press, 16/01/08.

Cruel school was featured in The Western Daily Press on January 1st 2008, you can view newspaper scans of the article above, (click images to enlarge)

Cruel At School on Points West, 05/12/07.

Cruel at school was featured on BBC Points West last week, you can view the video here

SITE GETS MP’S VOTE, 26.10.07 .

Forest Mp Mark Harper has backed anti-bullying website www.cruelatschool.co.uk .The site, set up by Bev Powell and her family from Mitcheldean, has been featured on national television and is visited by people from all over the world.

Mrs Powell started the site when her daughter Tiah, 13, became a victim of bullying at Dene Magna School in Mitcheldean.
The site is designed to provide support for both children and their parents when bullying has taken place.
Mr Harper said he was impressed with what the family had achieved.

He said: “This is a great initiative and offers advice and support to parents and their children.”

Mrs Powell said the aim of the site was to produce a positive way of helping other families.

Cruel At School In The Citizen, 04/10/07.

The following article was in todays Citizen Newspaper:

The mother who launched an anti-bullying website after her daughter was tormented at a Forest of Dean school says that more and more bullying happens online.Bev Powell from Mitcheldean took Tiah, 13, out of school at Dene Magna when bullies began to make her life a misery and her studies suffered.
The Powells set up a website called Cruel at School to provide support and advice for the parents and children going through similar problems.
The site, set up with help from eldest daughter Tanya, 22, became a phenomenal success and has been featured on GMTV and Channel 4.
Bev said that through the website she is now hearing from children who are being bullied through social networks like Bebo and Facebook.
She said: “I have had both parents and children contacting me about the use of the sites like Bebo to bully children. The bullies are using the website to place nasty comments.”

Bev advises parents whose children are being bullied online to limit their use of the internet, but added that social networks need to be more responsible.
She said: “Bebo needs to send messages to the kids using it to say that Bebo is not to be used for bullying.”
The 45-year-old, who works as an Operating Department Practitioner in the theatres at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, said she set up her website after despairing of the lack of support available.
She has now taken her campaign onto national television.
The site now has people logging in from as far away as the USA and has been praised by child psychologists and children’s charities including Kidscape and Childline.

MP Mark Harper has backed the use of Cruel at School to support victims of bullying.
“As a whole various internet sites like Bebo and Facebook are like anything in that they are a tool. They can have very good effects because they help kids to make friends, but they can also be misused,” he said.
“The great thing about the Powells website is that it is using that technology in a positive way.”

Cruel At School In The Forester, 21/09/07.

The following article was in this weeks Forester Newspaper:

As children across the Forest head back to school a Mitcheldean mum is reminding parents to be on the look out for bullying.Bev Powell set up www.cruelatschool.co.uk to give advice to other parents after her daughter Tiah was bullied.
Last week she appeared live on GMTV with her other daughter Tanya to talk about bullying and the effects it has on people.

Bev said: “It was very, very nerve-racking. I got to go and talk about what we do. Tiah was invited but she felt she couldn’t go on.”

Bev is urging parents to watch for changes in their children’s behaviour.
“Just watch for the signs,” she said. “I know sometimes kids will say they don’t feel well and sometimes they are making it up as an excuse.”
Tiah suffered from anxiety and weight loss as a result of the bullying she suffered. She is now being educated at home.

Cruel at School featured in a piece about bullying via mobile phones and social media on www.swiftcontractphones.com, 15/09/07

Cruel at School on GMTV, 28/08/07.

On Monday 27 August 2007, Bev P appeared on GMTV with her eldest daughter, Tanya, to talk about bullying and the effects it has on people, the following article is taken from the GMTV website:

One Mum decided to take action when she discovered that her daughter was being bullied. Bev Powell’s daughter Tiah was bullied so badly at school that the thirteen year old’s weight plummeted to five stone and she tried to take her own life by locking herself in her grandparents shed. Her Mum Bev had several meetings with Tiah’s school about the problem and despite reassurances from them, Bev decided to home school Tiah instead. Bev has also set up a website for children who have been bullied and their families. Log on to www.cruelatschool.co.uk for more information and help.