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Did you know that every 7 seconds someone in Britain is being bullied?

About Us

Having experienced bullying at school first hand this led me to setup this website aimed at other families whos children are or have been bullied at school.

After seeing people get bullied mentally and verbally at school I opted to start recommending home educating to parents because I kept seeing children who couldn’t cope with the bullying anymore, getting extremely underweight, unhappy and having no confidence in a school setting.

cruelatschool.co.uk will offer help and advice to families who have children who have been/are being bullied.

What We Do

  • Give confidential advice where needed!
  • Be in contact with bullied children, give advice etc
  • Give advice on what to do next
  • Give advice on homeschooling
  • Aims/Objectives are to rule out all kinds of bullying, and give help and advice to victims of bullying.